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Senior Finance Specialist

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1. Funds Management, Routine account processing of RMB funds, Tax declare.
2. Responsible for bank, tax and business related documents.
3. Fund review, payment related work.
4. To participate RMB Funds post investment management.
5. Other temporary work arranged by a superior.

Job Requirement
1. University degree or above, major in accounting or finance.
2. 2 years of financial work experience, preferably with RMB fund management.
3. Serious and pragmatic work, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, strong learning ability.
4. Good at communication, positive and optimistic, able to work under pressure.



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1. Responsible for the production of financial vouchers, invoice and other financial bill management.
2. Be responsible for open a bank account, information submission and butt-joint affairs.
3. Responsible for financial records, Manage with Asset Management Association of China fund records.
4. Responsible operating Asset Management Association of China system, business change transaction management.
5. Assistance in corporate finance due diligence reports, pre-invest, investing and post-invest management works.
6. Other work arranged by a superior.

Job Requirement
1. Age:23-45,Sex:Both
2. College degree or above in accounting major,with accounting work license better. Relevant working experience for more than three years
3. Up right, responsible,work earnest with meticulous,quick thinking, methodical and work stable.
4. Work calm, attentive、strong ability to comprehend, gentle personality, good teamwork awareness.
5. Basic mandarin speaking, chinese reading and writing, skilled use Microsoft OFFICE and EXCEL spreadsheet.


Investment manager

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1. Responsible for collection, analyze marketing policies, organize industry Information, building investment project data.
2. Responsible for develop investment project prospective study, deepen project preliminary consultation, propose investment project suggestion.
3. Responsible for equity post-investment tracking, helping investee solving problems.
4. Other work arranged by a superior.

Job Requirement