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Eagles Fund is a diversified internet and TMT early stage investment fund.

Eagles Fund (EF) Holdings is a diversified technology investment group focusing on early stage mobile internet and TMT sectors. The first fund was founded and funded by Steve Lau in year 2011. Having offices in Beijing, Shanghai Hangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong with s professional management team, EF has developed its unique business model ranging from direct investments, Co-GP holdings and LP investments. Currently EF owns RMB Fund, USD Fund and Fund of Fund (FoF), total assets under management is amounted to RMB30 Billions.

By 2019, EF has invested up to 200+ start ups in China, US and Hong Kong. Covering mobile internet, artificial intelligent, IoT, Fintech, ecommerce etc. Major portfolio companies include Jolla Oy、MovieBook, EN Monster, ZG Micro, LaunchDesign, QfPay, EHang(Nasdag:EH), Knighscope, JY Animation (835928), and Sanhao . In year 2013, EF invested into Fund in Silicon Valley. In year 2014, EF entered into a joint venture with DFJ Dragon Fund in Beijing, focusing on growth stage investments.. Since year 2016, EF is ranked in top 3 Angel investment fund in China naional FoF ratings.

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